Jürgen Reis – 40th Anniversary

Dear Jürgen Reis!

It was 40 years ago that you joined the small burgeoning Berlin-based audio company of MBL. Since 1982, you have worked at MBL endeavouring to conceive, develop, and perfect a multitude of innovative, at times even revolutionary, audio speakers and electronics. Four decades during which you enriched and shaped the world of music reproduction. And all the while, whenever you brought out a new product, it was only good enough for you if the listener literally became emotionally transported by the music. No measurement curve, no matter how perfect, could ever leave you satisfied if the music did not touch the listener’s soul.

This unconditional search for the true meaning of music reproduction has led to the world-renowned success that MBL loudspeakers and electronics have today. Your many accomplishments have also been an inspiration to all of us that work at the company. It is not surprising that in the audio industry your name has long been synonymous with competence, consistency, and a deep passion for music.

I share my sincere thanks and gratitude on your 40th anniversary at MBL on not only a job remarkably well done, but also for the tremendous teamwork you have shown all these years. Today, thousands of customers all over the world listen to their favorite music on an audio system created by you. For some, it allows for valuable time away from the hectic pace of everyday life. For others, it is even the center of their lives. But music is always an enrichment – and this is especially true when the world is going through challenging times.

We look forward to the many great achievements still to come in our future together.

Christian Hermeling
CEO MBL Akustikgeräte, Berlin


The Absolute Sound – Golden Ear Award 2022

We are pleased to announce that the 101 X-Treme MKII and the 126 have each won a “Golden Ear Award” for 2022 from The Absolute Sound magazine.


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2022 Axpona – Press Coverage

Please find the complete press coverage on the MBL / Kyomi Audio room at the AXPONA Audio Expo North America show.

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Haute Fidélité “Review N11 preamp & N15 mono blocs “

Haute Fidélité (France) recently reviewed the N11 preamplifier and N15 mono blocs
“The Verdict: the Noble Line comes close to the prestigious Reference Line in the sense that it has the same musical virtues, offering a transparency that reveals the smallest musical details in a balanced and natural way, all with a feeling of space that resembles a concert setting.”

2022 Hifi Show Kaohsiung

In mid-April, a Hifi show took place in Ambassador Hotel Kaohsiungin, Taiwan. The local MBL dealer showed the Radialstrahler Loudspeakers 101 E MK II. In a second room our distributor Sound Art showed the loudspeakers 126 with the Cadenza Line.


Vinyle & Audio “L’EXPÉRIENCE MBL”

Vinyle & Audio was so impressed with the sound of MBL at the Paris AV Show last Fall, they decided to conduct a private listening test with Jean-Michel Jarré “Oxygene” at Music Hall in Paris. Martial Hernandez and Thierry Samoil demoed the album in their showroom with the 101 E MKII powered by Noble Line electronics.


2022 Image Hifi – CD DAC N31

In the latest issue of Image Hifi the CD-DAC N31 was extensively reviewed. Ekkehard Strauss concludes:

MBL answers the question about the digital heart of a high-end system with such a drum beat that I have no choice but to highly recommend an extensive listening session of the N31 CD-DAC – I don’t know of a better all-in-one solution at the moment.”

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U-Audio “Review N11″

We are pleased about a further review in the Taiwanese magazine U-Audio. The editor Moses (Dàitiān kǎi) concluded the following:


“Getting you straight to the heart of your music. If you are willing to sit back and savor, then the MBL N11 preamp will help you to skip all detours and get you right to the heart of the music.”

Hifi News – “NOBLE METAL”

The N11 & N15 were reviewed by Paul Miller in the February issue of the Hifi News magazine.

“A sound blending weight and richness with all the niceties of focus, soundstaging, and instrumental and vocal timbres… »
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U-Audio “Review N21″

The editor Moses (Dàitiān kǎi) from the Taiwanese magazine U-Audio published a review about the N21 Stereo Power Amplifier. He concludes the following:

“I will vote for N21. It does not only has the powerful driving force of a transistor amplifier, but does also has a quiet, steady and extremely dark background, bringing out many details. It does also has a natural tone and a mellow texture, and even that its tone is as sweet as a vacuum tube amp, it does retains an extremely clean and transparent texture.”


The Absolute Sound “Editor´s Choice Award 2022″

We are pleased to announce that The Absolute Sound’s 2022 Editors’ Choice Awards have been given to twelve MBL products. Many thanks to The Absolute Sound for the honor and recognition.

Loudspeakers:  101 X-Treme MKII, 101 E Mk II,  120,  126
Preamplifiers: 6010 D, N11, C11
Amplifiers: 9008 A, C51, N15, C21

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The Absolute Sound – Product of the Year 126

We are pleased to announce that the MBL 126 is the 2021 Product of the Year in the Stand-Mount Loudspeaker category for the Absolute Sound.

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Stereophile “MBL 120 Radialstrahler″

The  US-American magazine Stereophile reviewed the Radialstrahler Loudspeaker 120:

Julie Mullins, Stereophile
“Wallflowers they ain’t: Immersive and involving, these speakers are built for fun. Their sound, though always substantial, tends to stay detailed without getting thick or muddy…Their energy was palpable, visceral, like live music, adding to the sense of immersion. It gave more muscle to rock ’n’ roll. The soundwaves’ energy was like a gentle force field. Or not so gentle…The MBL 120s can deliver sound with involving intensity even on quiet, subtle material…If the MBL 120 were a book, it would be one that was hard to put down: I kept listening when I should have been going to bed—or finishing this review. The MBL 120s can be addictive. I’m not here to be a bad influence, but if you’re not careful, you might need to call your nearest dealer.”

John Atkinson, Technical Editor
“The MBL 120’s measured performance confirms that this is a true omnidirectional design.” 

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The Absolute Sound “MBL 126 – Small Footprint, Big Statement”

Neil Gader, editor of the U.S. magazine The Absolute Sound reviewed the Radialstrahler 126 in the current issue.

“Sonically, you enter a whole new world when you light up the MBL 126—or any Radialstrahler, for that matter…At trade shows I’ve watched enthusiasts enter MBL exhibits with a hushed solemnity and walk away glowing, as if they’d undergone a spiritual experience…no one should mistake its whimsical, droid-like appearance for anything other than an audiophile loudspeaker of the most serious sonic intentions and pedigree…in terms of imaging, as cliché as this sounds, 126 flat out disappears from the room, kind of like, well, poof…Though MBL’s 126 is designed for the parlor rather than the palace, it’s as good as anything this esteemed company has ever made. In spite of its humble size, it is truly a statement loudspeaker of the first order. If you consider yourself a thoughtful audiophile and are preparing to take the plunge into this price range, don’t even consider making a move until you’ve auditioned the MBL 126. It is must listening.” 

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0_bildvorlage_BerichteNews – “4 Violins”

The Audionet magazine in Taiwan reviews MBL Chief Engineer Juergen Reis recording of Concerto Köln’s last album “ 4 Violins”.

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MBL cancels participation at CEDIA 2021

MBL cancels participation at CEDIA 2021

Due to health and safety concerns, we have decided not to participate at CEDIA 2021. We regret this decision, and hope to see you again at one of the other upcoming shows.

Your MBL Team


The Absolute Sound – Golden Ear Award 2021

We are pleased to announce that the 101 X-Treme, the 120 and the 126 have each won a “Golden Ear Award” for 2021 from The Absolute Sound magazine.

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StereoNET “126 Loudspeaker Review”

David Price, Editor-in-Chief of StereoNET in-depth review and Applause Award for the MBL 126 Omnidirectional Loudspeakers.
“THE VERDICT…for real-world requirements – the 126 is the best MBL you can buy.”
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Hifi News “MBL Radialstrahler 101 E MkII”

Paul Miller of Hifi News (UK) reviews the iconic MBL 101 E MKII Radialstrahler:

“There is certainly a ‘sound‘ here, not only with respect to the tonal colour but also in the speaker’s ability to drive the room and create a truly huge but meticulously crafted soundscape.”

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Kaohsiung – Press Coverage

Sound Art, our MBL distributor in Taiwan paired up with Regal Audio for the audio show in Kaohsiung last week. More than 11,000 visitors experienced the 101 E MKII Radialstrahler, the 9011 power amplifiers and the N11 preamplifier, among others, over three days, in two rooms with MBL products and also enjoyed great-sounding digital streaming via the integrated MBL Roon module, thanks to the award-winning N31 CD DAC.


Stereophile “Recommended Components 2021”

We are honored that four MBL products are on Stereophile’s 2021 Recommended Components list. Many thanks to Stereophile for the recognition.

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The Absolute Sound “Editor´s Choice Award 2021″

We are honored to have received The Absolute Sound’s 2021 Editor’s Choice Awards for the following twelve MBL products. Many thanks to TAS for the recognition

101 X-Treme
101 E Mk II

6010 D


Power Amplifier 9008 A
Integrated Amplifier C51
Power Amplifier N15
Power Amplifier C21


Audiophila – Products of the Year 2020

We are pleased to report that Anthony Kershaw, Editor of has given the N51 and N31 Product of the Year awards for 2020.

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The Absolute Sound – Jürgen Reis inducted High End Audio Hall of Fame

Our Chief Developer Jürgen Reis inducted into The Absolute Sound’s High End Audio Hall of Fame. Congratulations!

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Hifi388 Magazin “Noble Line with 116 F”

Mr. Lee from Hifi388 magazine in Hong Kong tested the Noble Line with the 116 F loudspeakers. In the video review both technical information and acoustic examples are given.
His conclusion: “可謂天仙配!真係好有MBL 貴氣的聲音” (It’s a game as if made from heaven! What a great sounding MBL system).

Stereophile “MBL Noble Line N31 CD player-DAC Roon Ready″

John Atkinson returned to our CD-DAC N31 and followed up with his review. We are proud to hear from him

“I found that the Roon Ready module makes this superb-sounding, superbly well-engineered processor even more desirable.”

Read more in the update of the review.

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U-AUDIO – Jürgen Reis on N31 Roon Module

We would like to remind you of the following brilliant interview about the N31 Roon Module from last year. This is now also available in English.

2020_Podcast – “Occasional Podcast”

Listen in to the new “Occasional Podcast” from “A Deep Dive In The High End: Sitting Down With MBL.”  Brian Hunter hosts a conversation/interview with Jeremy Bryan, President of MBL North America, “who walks listeners through the MBL process and products, and gives some more interior vantage points for the manufacturer that makes everything in house. He also talks shop with regards to his approach to room setup, as his presentations at audio shows are second to none. The whole sonic affair makes for a must stop, given the opportunity.”


The Absolute Sound – Golden Ear Award

MBL are honored to announce that our 101 X-Treme Radialstrahler loudspeaker system has won a coveted Golden Ear Award from The Absolute Sound for 2020. Many thanks to the Mr. Jonathan Valin, Executive Editor, for the nod.


Stereophile “Preamplifier N11″

The US-American magazine Stereophile extensively tested the preamplifier N11 from the NOBLE Line:

Jason Serinus, Reviewer:
“While I’m not convinced that there’s a bright side to everything, the N11 shone a light during the dark days of the pandemic and delivered week upon week of listening pleasure…The N11 could very well be a performance you never want to end. It’s a looker, for sure, one whose presence in my system I already miss.”

John Atkinson, Technical Editor
“…Its performance on the test bench reveals the widest-bandwidth, widest-dynamic-range, lowest-noise, lowest-distortion preamplifier I have encountered.”

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The Absolute Sound “Editor´s Choice Award 2020″

MBL is pleased to report the 2020 The Absolute Sound Editor’s Choice awards have been given to several of our products:

MBL 101 X-treme
MBL 101 E Mk II
MBL 120
MBL 126

MBL 6010 D


MBL 9008 A mono blocks
MBL Noble N15 mono blocks
MBL Corona C51 integrated
MBL Corona C21 stereo

2020_Audiophilia_N31 – N51 & N31 Review editor Anthony Kershaw reviewed the N51 Integrated Amplifier and the N31 DAC-CD player.

“There’s nothing in the N51’s design chain that (chief engineer) Reis has not figured out, solved and built upon to produce a component that looks and sounds fabulous.” – Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia LEARN MORE

“I can vouchsafe for the N31 CD/DAC as the most beautiful digital playback I’ve heard in my system…very highly recommended.” LEARN MORE


The Absolute Sound – MBL 101 X-treme Omnidirectional Loudspeaker

The Absolute Sound, one of America’s most prestigious magazines, reports about the Radialstrahler 101 X-treme in its January, 2020 issue. Learn all about or Flagship Loudspeaker.

« BL 101 X-tremes are, in almost every way possible, the best loudspeakers I’ve heard in my home—or anyplace else, for that matter» – Jonathan Valin

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The Absolute Sound – Overall Product of the Year Award

MBL is pleased to announce that the 101 X-treme loudspeaker system is the winner of The Absolute Sound’s “Overall Product of the Year Award” for 2019.


Interview Jeo-Won Kim June 2019

An interview by Hifi Club magazine during the KOBA Audio & Lighting Show in Seoul with actor, audiophile and MBL enthusiast, Mr. Kim Jea-Won, an icon in Korean movies and TV series.

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The Absolute Sound – Golden Ear Award

MBL is pleased to report that the mbl 126 and the mbl 101 X-treme loudspeakers have each received a coveted 2019 Golden Ear Award from The Absolute Sound Magazine.

Executive Editor Jonathan Valin recommended the mbl 101 X-treme and Managing and Digital Content Editor Julie Mullins recommended the mbl 126 as “standouts from the competition.” Watch for reviews of each product in forthcoming issues.  Many thanks to The Absolute Sound for these honors.


2019 High End – Press Coverage

The Munich High End Show 2019 lies behind us. Four very interesting and eventful days. We summarized the articles and reviews of the trade press for you. Read more

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Audioart Magazine – MBL Roon Module 1611 F

Paul Toa from Audioart Magazine had an interview with MBLs chief engineer, Jürgen Reis, about the MBL Roon Module for the 1611 F. He said ” The sophistication in which depth details were taken into account in the development to improve the sound of the module exceeds any imagination.”

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2019 Axpona – Press Coverage

Please find the complete press coverage on the MBL / Kyomi Audio room at the AXPONA Audio Expo North America show from Jonathan Valin (The Absolute Sound), Jim Austin & John Atkinson (Stereophile Magazine) Michael Lavorgna & Aaron Sherrick (, Rick Becker (Enjoy the Musiccom)

“Music-induced amazement, delight, and near-delirium are a few more of my favorite things. Thanks Jürgen, thanks MBL.“ Michael Lavorgna

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Roon Module for 1611 F available now

The legendary D/A-converter 1611 F from MBL has always connected the digital world with the analogue. With Roon Ready integration, we’ve taken the next big step. Ease of use and seamless streaming of various sources combined with the fantastic sound of an MBL audio system makes listening to music even more enjoyable.

The MBL ROON MODULE is a hardware device developed by MBL’s engineering team that you can add as an option to your D/A converter 1611 F and works together with any Roon server within your LAN. The MBL ROON MODULE is now available.

Contact your trusted dealer today.


Yoshihisa Mori (1941 – 2018)

It is with great sadness that we announce our friend, Yoshihisa Mori died on December 26, 2018, at the age of 77. Mori-san has been our Distributor Consultant for the Japanese market for many years and has supported us with his great wisdom and knowledge of the high-end audio market in his country. During the many years of cooperation, Mori-san has become very dear to us with his humorous and heartfelt nature as well as his unconditional reliability. With him, we have lost a dear friend and are very sad that he had to leave us. Rest in peace, our dear friend! We will always keep an honorable memory of you.

Our compassion goes out to his family.


Audio Video Show – Presscoverage

The Audio Video Show took place from November, 16th until 18th 2018. The show has been running for 22 years and with 170 rooms, it is the second largest in Europe. MBL presented the flagship Radialstrahler the MBL X-treme. Read more in our press coverage.

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The Absolute Sound – German Nobility

The October issue of The Absolute Sound Magazine published an article about MBLs new designed Noble Line. “German Nobility! MBLs Noble Line“ is the headline of Jonathan Valins review. Find out more about the subtleties, refinements and the hard facts of the with great care engineered electronics.

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Audio Art “Let more people enjoy high-quality music”

Under the heading “Let more people enjoy high-quality music”, the Audio Art Magazine recently published an interview with Chief Engineer Jürgen Reis. The occasion was the recently presented MBL Roon module, which received great popularity from visitors of this year’s TAA International High End Show.


2018 HIGH END – Press Coverage

The year’s Munich High End show was filled with a lot of great moments, beginning with our incredible annual jazz-dinner concert which welcomes a record number of invited guests, some wonderful live performances at our booth thanks to Concert Köln, plenty of business meetings with our much appreciated distributors and dealers, and, most of all, some amazing demos on each of our two systems, the 101E with the Noble Line and the Reference line powering the 101 X-tremes.

Jonathan Valin from The Absolute Sound wrote “MBL X-Tremes (€200k), driven by MBL 9011 amps and 6010 D preamplifier and sourced by an MBL DAC (only), were, as usual, simply superb—very airy and spacious and alive, without a trace of box sound and, despite the four chassis and omnidirectional radiation-pattern of the drivers, possessed of excellent imaging.”

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2018 Axpona – Press Coverage

MBL North America presented MBL in two rooms at this year’s Axpona 2018, which took place from April 13 to 15 in Illinois, USA. The Radialstrahler 101 E MKII were powered by MBL’s Noble Line and the recently introduced mono power amplifiers N15. We are pleased about the numerous and positive reports:

  • Julie Mullins „MBL demos are a treat.”
  • Greg Weaver „MBL always has a fun room…”
  • Jason Serinus “So many things about this system struck me as wonderful.”
  • Chris Martens “Jeremy Bryan of MBL North America has turned trade show audio system set-up into an art form, as this year’s MBL room at AXPONA clearly demonstrated.”
  • Myles Astor “No speaker gets out of the way of the music like a well setup pair of 101s…”
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2018 My HiEND – High End Audiotechnologie

Leo Yeh from High End audio online magazine “MY – HiEND” reports about MBL’s Noble Line. All innovative features such as Intersample Overload, Unity Gain and LASA are explained in detail.


Stereophile “Recommended Components” A+ Rating

“The best performance with High Resolution data files.”

The new Noble Line N31 CD-DAC has received a rare A+ rating in the Stereophile April, 2018 issue.

John Atkinson concluded that digital sound doesn’t get any better than what he heard from the N31. Furthermore he noted that the MBL offered 21 bits of resolution—the current state of the art of digital audio. This prompted John Atkinson the measurer to agree with John Atkinson the listener: “Digital audio engineering doesn’t get any better.”


Stereophile “Recommended Components” Class A

In the April, 2018 issue of the magazine Stereophile two of our products received recommendations in the following categories:

  • Mono Amplifier: C15
  • Full-Range Loudspeakers: 101 E MK II

The Absolute Sound “Editors’ Choice Award 2018″

“The Best Audio Gear of 2018″

The magazine “The Absloute Sound” recommended 7 MBL products in it´s March, 2018 issue in the following categories:

  •          Loudspeakers “20,000 and above”:  120, 101 E MK II, 101 X-treme
  •          Power Amplifiers “$6,000—$10,000”: C21
  •          Integrated Amplifiers “$3,000 and above”: C51
  •          Preamplifiers “$5,000—$10,000”: C11
  •          Disc Players $2,000—$10,000”: C31



2018 Cost no Objekt Show – Alpha High End

The Cost no Object Show 2018 of our partner Alpha High End was a total success. Please view here Chris Steurs of Alpha and Antoine Furbur of MBL in an interview with audiovideo2day giving you some insights about the MBL components.

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2018 HIFI Audiophile Community – Radialstrahler 101 E MKII

The Korean E-magazine Hifi Audiophile Community reviewed the #Radialstrahler 101 E MKII.

“… there is no speaker to replace the 101 E MKII´s sound and design.”


Stereophile “MBL´s Noble N31”

John Atkinson, editor of the U.S. magazine Stereophile reviews the Noble Line CD-DAC N31:

“…with older digital recordings (“Southern Cross,” from Crosby, Stills & Nash’s CSN (4 CDs, 16/44.1; 320kbps AAC le, Atlantic 82319-2), the N31 sounded simply magnificent….as before,
the N31 allowed sonic shortcomings to step to one side, letting the rock’n’roll magic flow forth. And again, the N31’s presentation of detail was superb”

“As I say in the “Measurements” sidebar, digital audio engineering doesn’t get any better—nor, I feel, does digital sound quality. At $15,400 it may be expensive, but MBL’s Noble Line N31 is beyond reproach.”

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SUPER AV – “Outstanding overall performance Award 2017″

MBL won the “Outstanding overall performance Award 2017” from the Chinese magazine Super AV for its Noble Line Mono Power Amplifier N15.

MBL cancels participation at CES 2018

MBL cancels participation at CES 2018

Due to illness, unfortunately MBL North America has to cancel our participation at CES 2018 on short notice. We regret not welcoming our friends, fans, and the Press in Las Vegas, and hope to see you again at one of the other upcoming shows in 2018. Next year we expect to be back at  CES as usual.

Your MBL Team


Congratulations, Jürgen Reis

Congratulations, dear Jürgen Reis!

Bringing out emotions in people as they listen to their favorite music, making the audience sense all the feelings that the artist has put into his composition or performance – that has always been your vocation. For 35 years now, you have been MBL’s chief developer and wholly responsible for developing our wide range of loudspeakers and electronics. Music lovers all over the world enjoy their beloved music thanks to systems designed by your pen and in professional circles our products have received the highest recognition. And since in your life everything is about the music, you have also made some remarkable recordings for some great musicians and orchestras and mastered them with the utmost meticulousness.

In all these years your commitment has never subsided, you have always worked with great care and respect for the cause. And as a person, you have grown in our hearts.

I thank you personally for these 35 years. And I thank you also on behalf of the entire MBL team as well as all music enthusiasts who you have been brought closer to the emotions of the music. It has been an exciting time and we look forward to the future with you – a future that will give us many more exciting products. A future on behalf of the music.

Christian Hermeling
CEO MBL Akustikgeräte, Berlin


2017 TAA International HI-END Show – Press Coverage

And again this years TAA in Taiwan was a big success. Introducing to our Asian customers and journalists the new Noble Line devices N11 preamp and N15 Mono amp.


STEREO “NOBLE LINE – Aus dem Vollen geschöpft”

The German hifi magazine STEREO reviewed MBL’s new Noble Line in the latest July issue. The components CD-DAC N31 and Integrated Amplifier C51 were featured.

„…Dabei offenbarten sie gemeinsam wie unabhängig voneinander das von uns so geschätzte „MBL-Klangbild“, nämlich eine aus dem farbigen, energetischen Grundtonbereich heraus gespeiste Opulenz, die etwas Festliches hat. Sorry, aber so ist es, denn gegenüber dieser Pracht … erscheint manch anderes Erstklassiges beinahe etwas nüchtern. Keine Frage: MBLs neues „Noble“-Set schöpft aus der Fülle und geht in die Vollen …“ Matthias Böde

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2017 LAAS – Press Coverage

At the inaugural Los Angeles Audio Show, we presented our new Noble Line N15 Mono Amps and N11 Stereo Preamplifier driving our Radialstrahler mbl 101 E MKII loudspeakers. We are proud that the performance at the MBL North America exhibit has harvested consistently positive feedback, to wit:

  • Jason Victor Serinus “…It was a case of total immersion”
  • Robert Harley “One of the best showings of the always exceptional MBL speakers.
  • Ron Resnick “The MBL system is always a thrill ride!”
  • Steve Hoffman “ Incredible dynamics, and ‘thunderous bass’ as one promoter kept telling me long ago but here it was really true”
  • Computer Audiophile: “I’ve never heard a more lifelike reproduction anywhere.”
  • Audio Bacon: “The most celestial audio room of the show.”
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The Absolute Sound “The 2017 Los Angeles Audio Show”

We are pleased to report that Robert Harley, Editor in Chief of The Absolute Sound Magazine awarded MBL with “Best of Show” honors at the Los Angeles Audio Show 2017.

He also awarded the new Noble Line with his “Most Significant Debut” Awards.

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Stereophile “The 2017 Los Angeles Audio Show”

Jason Serinus from Stereophile called the MBL system at the LAAS “jaw-dropping-best-of-(my)-show systems–one that wrapped me in its warm embrace. … The soundstage, warmth, and color on another track from Blue Tofu were near unbelievable. Seated in the exactly positioned single sweet spot, it was a case of total immersion.”

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2017 HIGH END – Press Coverage

This year’s MUNICH HIGH END was one of the most successful shows MBL has ever had.

The response from the many visitors to the 2 systems we had on active display was basically unanimous: the 101 X-treme powered by our Reference electronics was considered “best of show”.

Read more about MBL at the HIGH END 2017 at the press coverage.

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HiFi Review “Products of the Year”

Two products of our company have been awarded the “Products of the Year” by the Chinese Hifi Review Magazine: the CD-DAC N31 and the Integrated Amplifier N51 from the Noble Line chain.


Stereophile “Axpona 2017″

Jason Serinus from the magazine Stereophile reports about MBL @ Axpona 2017:

“…the very different color palette of the percussion array heard in the first movement of the Violin Concerto were to die for.”

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Hifi Review Hong Kong “Noble Line″

The MBL Noble Line was reviewed by the Chinese magazine Hifi Review Hong Kong with the with the following summary:

“The new MBL Noble Line N31+N51+N21 was able to drive the 116F speakers with exciting dynamics. Vocals, guitars, piano and drums sounded in focus and articulate. The 3D soundstage was without boundaries and visible. Only #MBL can offer this kind of listening experience.” Mr. Sam

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The Absolute Sound “Editors’ Choice Award 2017″

For the third time in succession the magazine “The Absloute Sound” awarded the following 8 MBL products with the Editors’ Choice Award:


2017 CES – Stereophile Interview

Our chief engineer Jürgen Reis talks exclusively Digital with John Atkinson from “Stereophile”, going deep into detail about new Noble Line CD/DAC N31 and different aspects of modern DAC design.

Watch more


2017 CES – AudioStream Conversation

At CES Micheal Lavorgna  from AudioStream in a conversation with our Chief Engineer Juergen Reis & John Atkinson (Stereophile) about technical details.

Watch Video


2017 Consumer Electronics Show – Press Coverage

This year´s CES was a complete success for us. We have summarized the highlights in the following press coverage. We can proudly announce that MBL was awarded several times by editors of renowned hifi magazines with titles like ”Best of CES“, „Best Sound“, or „Best of Show“.

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AUDIO ART “mbl N51 – Best Performance of the Year 2017”

Taiwans “Audio Art” honored MBL’s Noble Line integrated amplifier N51 with the “Best Performance of the Year 2017” Award.


SUPER AV – “Outstanding overall performance Award 2016″

MBL won the “Outstanding overall performance Award 2016” from the Chinese magazine Super AV for its Noble Line Integrated Amplifier N51.


2016 MBL Event Hanoi, Vietnam – Press Coverage

The event for the official product introduction of MBL to the Vietnamese market by our distributor Audio Huy Lan Anh was a complete success. Read more in the press coverage.



The Vietnamese Hifi magazine Điệntử Tiêu Dùng dedicated in its November issue a comprehensive overview about MBL. It is shown an overview about the company, the entry level Corona Line, our flagship Radilastrahler Loudspeaker System 101 X-treme and our masterpiece the Radialstrahler 101 E MKII.


NgheNhìn Việt Nam “MBL Audio – Vượt Đẳng High End!”

In connection with the introduction of MBL on the Vietnamese market Tuấn Lương from the Audio–Visual Magazin NgheNhìn brings our products closer to the reader. The article goes into the unique Radialstrahler Loudspeakers and the three electronic lines Reference Line, Noble Line and Corona Line.

The résumé: “MBL Audio – Vượt Đẳng High End! “ (MBL Audio – Exceeding HIGH END Class!)


CEDIA 2016 “Best of CEDIA 2016” Award

Great award from rAVe Publications for our loudspeakers mbl 101 E MKII. Thank you, we feel honored.

Link YouTube



MBL´s show debut at „AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT SHOW“ in Vietnam was a complete success. Our new distributor „Audio Huy Lan Anh“ demonstrated the MBL Reference Line with the Radialstrahler Loudspeaker mbl 101 E MKII. Both visitors and journalists have been very impressed by these unique Radialstrahler Loudspeaker.

Learn more

HTV Television Report

VCT Tube Report


2016 TAA International HI-END Show – Press Coverage

The MBL Suite earned much praise for the performance on this years TAA International HI-END Show. Learn more in the following press coverage.


HIGH END 2016 – Demonstration of the MBL Noble Line

Our chief engineer Jürgen Reis gives deep insights into our Noble Line electronics at the HIGH END Show 2016 in Munich. Watch more:

HIGH END 2016 – Demonstration of the MBL Noble Line


HIGH END 2016 – Demonstration of the Radialstrahler System mbl 101 X-treme

Our chief engineer Jürgen Reis explains detailed the Radialstrahlersystem mbl 101 X-treme at the HIGH END Show 2016 in Munich. Watch more:

HIGH END 2016 – Demonstration of the Radialstrahler System mbl 101 X-treme


HIGH END 2016 – Impressions

We have captured moments of the HIGH END Show 2016 in Munich for all of our customers and fans who were not able to come around:

HIGH END 2016 – Impressions of MBL


Hifipluss – “Luksuslyd til luskuspris”

Roy Ervin Solstad from the Norwegian audio magazine Stereopluss summarized his listening impressions of the MBL Reference Line: „Dette er rett og slett en drøm av et anlegg“ (This is simply a dream of a system).


Invitation HIGH END 2016

Join MBL at the High End 2016
MOC München – Atrium 4,  Room E102  -  May, 5-8 / daily 10am – 6pm

The MBL team is pleased to welcome you to one of the most important Hi-fi events in Europe: HIGH END.

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2016 Axpona – Press Coverage

We have summarized the highlights of this years AUDIO EXPO NORTH AMERICA in the following press coverage.

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Audiostream – “MBL’s Juergen Reis on Listening, Measurements, and (Un)Certainty”

Learn more from our chief engineer Jürgen Reis about the relation between listening, measurements, and (un)certainty. He explains the importance between the interaction of measurement and listening during developing processes. To find aspects for improvements both elements have to be in balance: How to measure, what is audible and how does it sounds, what is measurable.

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Inearspace – “Bristol Sound & Vision Show– The Best Of”

The British online magazine summarized its impressions of MBL at the Sound & Vision Show, Bristol UK:  “MBL continue to impress in every circumstance and setting.”

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2016 Consumer Electronics Show – Press Coverage

We have summarized the highlights of MBL of this year’s CES in the following press coverage.

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The Absolute Sound “Editors’ Choice Award 2016″

Once again the magazine “The Absloute Sound” awarded the following 8 MBL products with the Editors’ Choice Award:


SUPER AV “mbl N31 – Super AV Award 2015″

The Chinese hifi magazine “SUPER AV” chose the CD-DAC mbl N31 from the new NOBLE LINE for their “Outstanding Popularity Awards 2015”.


High End Swiss 2015 – MBL recieved two awards

MBL recieved two awards by the ‘High End Society‘ and the ‘Home Elektronik Magazin‘ at High End Swiss 2015:

  • “Best visual company presentation”
  • “Best musical presentation”

Inearspace – “A Tour of MBL’s Extraordinary Factory”

The British Audio Review Portal “Inearspace” visited our factory and reports extensively about this company tour.

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Audio Art & U-Audio – “A Visit at MBL, Germany”

After visiting the headquarter and the manufactory in May 2015, the Taiwanese press reports detailed about their impressions at MBL:

Magazine „Audio Art“ by Jack Liu: 音響論壇:2015 MBL原廠採訪(一)
音響論壇:2015 MBL原廠採訪(二)
 Online Portal „U-Audio“ by Jerry Kuo: U audio:2015 MBL 原廠採訪



Positive Feedback Online “The Show Newport Beach – PFO Audio Oasis Award 2015″

MBL North America and it´s retail partner United Home Audio received the PFO Audio Oasis! Award.


Invitation HIGH END 2015

Join MBL at the High End 2015
MOC München – Atrium 4,  Room E102  -  May, 14 – 17 / daily 10am – 6pm

The MBL team is pleased to welcome you to one of the most important Hi-fi events in Europe: HIGH END. Together we will immerse ourselves in the world of MBL audiophile sound.

In MBL’s showroom, you can experience all three of our product lines: Corona Line, Noble Line, and Reference Line. The new Noble Line of electronics will power the mbl 111 F speakers. The entire Reference Line featuring the mbl 101 X-treme speaker system will be on active display.

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Positive Feedback Online “Axpona – PFO Audio Oasis Award 2015

MBL North America received the PFO Audio Oasis! Award.


Watt Magazine – mbl 116 F “De beste høyttalerne vi har hørt!”

The Norwegian magazine “Watt” reviewed in its current issue the mbl 116 F Radialstrahler Loudspeaker – “The best loudspeakers we have heard!”


The Absolute Sound “Editors’ Choice Award 2015″

The magazine “The Absloute Sound” awarded the following 8 MBL products with the Editors’ Choice Award 2015:


2015 Consumer Electronics Show – Press Coverage

We have summarized the highlights of MBL of this year’s CES in the following press coverage.

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2015_21hifi_101Xtreme “mbl 101X-treme – Equipment Award 2014-2015″, the Chinese hifi internet portal, awarded MBL with the “Top Ten Hi-Fi Equipment Award 2014-2015″ for the mbl 101 X-treme Radialstrahler Loudspeaker.


SUPER AV “mbl C31 – Super AV Award 2014″

The Chinese hifi magazine “SUPER AV” chose the CD-DAC mbl C31 from the CORONA LINE for their Outstanding Overall Performance Award 2014 / category “SACD/CD-Player”.


Visual & Audio Equipments “101 X-treme Best Speaker Technology of the year 2014″

The mbl 101 X-treme Radialstrahler Loudspeaker received an award for “Best Speaker Technology of the year 2014” by Visual & Audio Equipments magazine.


Hi-Fi Voice magazine “mbl 101 X-treme”

The Czech online hifi and high-end magazín Hi-Fi Voice tested MBLs flagship Radialstrahler loudspeaker mbl 101 X-treme.


The Absolute Sound “mbl C51 – Product of the Year”

MBL is pleased to announce receiving the absolute sounds award PRODUCT of the YEAR for our CORONA LINE Integrated Amplifier mbl C51.


Stereophile “2014 – Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show – TAVES”

Robert Deutsch from Sterophile reports about MBL @ the Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show:

The MBL-126 had the same sort of open sound that characterizes their the higher-end models.”

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2014_09_Audio Video Magazin mbl C31

Audio Video Magazine “CD Player MBL Corona C31″

Fernando Andrette reports about the CD-DAC from the Corona Line mbl C31 in the September issue of the Audio Video Magazine.

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SuperAVMag “Interview with Jürgen Reis”

Eric Fung interviews Jürgen Reis about MBLs new Noble Line series at Hong Kong Audio Visual.


The Absolute Sound “mbl C51 – Golden Ear Award”

MBLs Integrated Amplifier C51 from the Corona Line is announced for the “Golden Ear Award 2014″. Read more in the September issue of ‘The Absolute Sound’.


mag@zine TED “Concepts éprouvés et innovations créent des sentiments incroyables!”

In the latest issue David Susilo, editor of the Canadian magazine “ Tendances Électroniques & Design” reports about the MBL Corona Line.


Positive Feedback Online “The Show Newport Beach – PFO Audio Oasis Award 2014″

MBL received a PFO Audio Oasis! award for the Surround sound presentation at THE Show Newport Beach.


Audiotechnique “Equipment report mbl C15″

The chinese magazine Audiotechnique published an equipment report about MBLs Mono Power Amplifier mbl C15 from the Corona Line in its issue n°388.


Audiotechnique “Equipment report mbl 101 E MKII”

The chinese magazine Audiotechnique published an equipment report about MBLs Radialstrahler loudspeaker mbl 101 E MKII in its issue n° 393.


Stereophile “MBL Corona C15 monoblock power amplifier”

John Atkinson, editor of the U.S. magazine Stereophile reviews the CORONA LINE mbl C15 Mono Power Amplifier.

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Invitation HIGH END 2014

Join MBL at the High End 2014
MOC München – Atrium 4,  Room E102  -  May, 15 – 18 / daily 10am – 6pm

The High End at Munich 2014 will mark the introduction of the new Noble Line of electronics in Europe. The new designs feature state of the art sound quality; unique, user friendly controls; diverse technical innovations; and innovative special features.

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Positive Feedback Online „Impressions: The MBL Reference System“

In its latest issue the US online magazine reports extensively about the MBL Reference Line System:

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2014_C51 TAS_Cover

The Absolute Sound “mbl C51 – Power & Grace”

Neil Gader, editor of the U.S. magazine The Absolute Sound reviews the mbl C51 Integrated Amplifier from our Corona Line in the May/June 2014 issue.

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AV Showrooms “Gold Show Award – Best Sound at CES 2014″

The online video magazine AV Showrooms honored MBL with the “GOLD SHOW AWARD” for the best sound at CES Las Vegas. It was demonstrated the new generation of NOBLE LINE electronics with the Radialstrahler mbl 111 F.

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MBL Press Coverage “2014 CES”

CES 2014 Show Coverage


Read about MBL at the CES 2014

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The Absolute Sound “Editors’ Choice Award 2014″

The magazine “The Absloute Sound” awarded the following MBL products with the Editors’ Choice Award 2014:

2014_7008A_21hifi “mbl 7008 A – Equipment Award 2013-2014″, the Chinese hifi internet portal, awarded MBL with the Equipment Award 2013-2014 for the Integrated Amplifier mbl 7008 A (NOBLE LINE).


AUDIO ART “mbl C15 – Best performance of the year 2014 Award”

Taiwans “Audio Art” honored MBL’s CORONA LINE Mono Power Amplifier mbl C15 with the “Best performance of the year 2014” Award.


Positive Feedback Online “mbl C51 – PFO Brutus Award 2013″

The Integrated Amplifier mbl C51 won the “PFO Brutus Award 2013” from the online magazine Positive Feedback Online.


New Audiophile „mbl C11 & C21 – Outstanding Preamplifier & Amplifier Award“

The chinese magazine ‘The New Audiophile’ awarded the Preamplifier mbl C11 and the Stereo Power Amplifier mbl C21 from the Corona Line with the ‘Outstanding Award 2013′.


SUPER AV “mbl 120 – Super AV Award 2013″

The Chinese hifi magazine “SUPER AV” chose the Radialstrahler loudspeaker mbl 120 from the CORONA LINE for their Popularity Award / category “Bookshelf Speaker”.


Magazine Audio “mbl C51 – Editor Choice Award 2013″

The CORONA LINE Integrated Amplifier mbl C51 won the “Editor Choice Award 2013″ from Magazine-Audio, a French-Canadian eZine.

2013_C31_dagogo “mbl C31 – Review”

Jason Victor Serinus published a review of MBL´s CORONA LINE CD-DAC mbl C31.

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AV Showrooms “BEST SOUND at the Capital Audio Fest 2013″

 AV Showrooms awarded MBL with the Gold Show Award for the “BEST SOUND at the Capital Audio Fest 2013”.


STEREO “Jürgen Reis – Early Bird”

In its issue 08/2013 the German hifi magazine STEREO reports in the category “Secrets of Developer” about the heard of MBL: Jürgen Reis. Learn more about himself and why he successfully develops jewels of sound whose naturalness and harmonies far exceed those of any established standards.


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The Absolute Sound “mbl C31 – Golden Ear Award”

Once again MBL was awarded with The Absolute Sound “GOLDEN EAR AWARD” – This year we received the award for the CORONA LINE CD-DAC mbl C31.



Positive Feedback Online “T.H.E Show Newport Beach – PFO Audio Oasis 2013″

 MBL North America received the PFO Audio Oasis! Award for T.H.E Show Newport Beach 2013!


The Absolute Sound “The 100 Most Significant Audio Products in the last 40 Years”

The magazine „The Absolute Sound“ awarded in its July issue two of the MBL products in the category “The 100 Most Significant Audio Products in the last 40 Years.” – the mbl 101 (manufactured from 1986 – 1988) and the mbl 101 E MKII (manufactured since 2008).


Positive Feeback Online “mbl C31 – Review”

Positive Feedback Online reviewed the mbl C31 CD-DAC.

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MBL Press Coverage “HIGH END Munich 2013″

Learn more about the 2013 High End show in Munich.

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HiFi News UK “mbl 1511 F – Review”

 The British HiFi magazine HiFi News published in the May issue a review about the mbl 1511 F.


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MBL Press Coverage “2013 NY Audio Show in New York City”

Lesen Sie über MBL bei der 2013 NY Audio Show in New York City.

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MBL Press Coverage “2013 Axpona in Chicago”

Read about MBL at the 2013 AXPONA in Chicago.

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AV Showrooms “Axpona – Gold Show Award 2013″


 AV Showrooms awarded its “Gold Show Award – Best Sound” to the mbl 116 F Radialstrahler.

2013_SISBsteSound_Magazine-Audio “Best Sound of the SSI 2013″

The French Language magazine “” awards MBL with it’s “Best Sound of the SSI 2013″ award.


The Absolute Sound “Editor’s Choice Award 2013″

The magazine “The Absloute Sound” awardedthe following products withe the Editor’s Choice Award 2013:


MBL Press Coverage “2013 CES”

Read about MBL at the CES 2013.

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AV Showrooms “2013 CES – Gold Show Award”

MBL received AV Showrooms “Gold Show Award” for “Best Sound” @ CES 2013. “This year’s show featured outstanding sound. The top rooms shared that elusive “it’s almost real life” in sound quality. They include… the MBL suite, for concert hall like sound.”



AUDIO ART “mbl C51 – Best value of the year 2013 Award”

 Taiwans “Audio Art” honored MBL’s CORONA LINE integrated amplifier mbl C51 with the “Best value of the year 2013” Award.

2012_c51_21hificom “mbl C51 – Equipment Award 2012-2013″, the Chinese hifi internet portal awarded MBL with the Equipment Award 2011-2012 for the Integrated Amplifier mbl C51 from the MBL CORONA LINE.


New Audiophile „mbl C51 – Best Performance Integrated Amplifier“

The Chinese Magazine „New Audiophile“ awarded the mbl C51 in the category „Best Performance Integrated Amplifier“.


SUPER AV “mbl C51 – Super AV Award 2012″

The Chinese hifi magazine “SUPER AV” chose the integrated amplifier from the MBL CORONA LINE chain – mbl C51 for their Popularity Award 2012.




The December issue of the Swedish magazine Ljud & Bild published a review on the following devices from the CORONA LINE: mbl C11, mbl C21, mbl C31, mbl 120. The test result impresses with a total out of 6 of 6 stars and therefore receives in addition, the recommendation of the editorial staff.

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AV Showrooms “GOLD SHOW AWARD – Best Sound at CES 2012″

MBL showcased the production mbl 101 X-treme System at CES 2012 in North America. The new online magazine,, awarded the system “Best Sound at CES 2012″ with its Gold Show Award

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The Absolute Sound “mbl 120 and CORONA LINE electronics – Space Commander”

The Absolute Sound reports about the Radialstrahler mbl 120 from the Corona Line and awarded it: Golden Ear 2012 and Editor’s Choice 2013.

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Positive Feedback online “REFERENCE LINE – Circuitus Maximus Award 2012″

MBL received PFO’s “Circuitus Maximus Award” for the REFERENCE LINE.


Positive Feedback online “REFERENCE LINE – Brutus Award 2012″

MBL received PFO’s “Brutus Award” for the RFERENCE LINE.


AV Showrooms “Gold Show Award – Best Sound of Show”

MBL won AV Showrooms ‘Gold Show Award’ for Best Sound at RMAF.


Positive Feedback Online “RMAF – Audio Oasis Award”

Learn more about MBL at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 in Denver, Colorado


MBL Press Coverage “2012 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest”

Learn more about MBL at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 in Denver, Colorado.

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Positive Feedback Online “Audio Oasis Award – Reference Line”

RMAF surely paid off. MBL received PFO’s ‘Audio Oasis’ Award for our Reference Line room at RMAF 2012.


STEREO “CORONA LINE – Hertz Flimmern”

The German hifi magazine STEREO reviewed MBL’s new CORONA LINE in its latest September issue. The following units were featured CD-DAC mbl C31, Preamplifierr mbl C11 as well as Stereo Power Amplifier mbl C21.

 „Von beschwingter Verve über träumerische Versunkenheit bis zum engagierten Powerplay: Die MBLs beherrschen alle Register. Ihnen zuzuhören ist reiner Genuss, ob solo oder mit den Geschwistern. Keines braucht das andere, um groß‘ rauszukommen, doch zusammen erzeugen sie in jedem Fall „coronales Hertz-Flimmern“. Matthias Böde
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Hi Fi News “mbl C31 – Playing it cool! Exclusive”

Playing it cool! Exclusive – MBL’s Corona C31 CD-DAC: The September issue of the Hi Fi News magazine reports in detail about MBL’s CORONA LINE CD-DAC mbl C31. John Bamford and Paul Miller are writing on a total of three pages about their experiences with the mbl C31 at their listening room and test lab.


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AV Showrooms “mbl 1621 A & mbl 1611 F Review”

Peter Breuninger from AV Showrooms reviewed the MBL devices mbl 1621 A and mbl 1611 F from the Reference Line. In the following videos, he has recorded his impressions:


Hi-fi News “Editors Choice Award 2012″

For the first time the UK magazine Hi-fi News honored the Corona Line devices: mbl C31 CD-DAC and mbl C51 Integrated Amplifier with the prestigious ‘2012 Editor’s Choice Awards’.



Hi Fi News “mbl C51 – Product Review”

The September issue of the Hi Fi News already reported in detail about the mbl C31 CD-DAC from the Corona Line. Once again John Bamford and Paul Miller are writing about the Corona Line this time about the integrated amplifier the mbl C51.

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The Absolute Sound “mbl 120 – Golden Ear Award 2012″

MBL’s Radialstrahler mbl 120 wins the Golden Ear Award 2012 from US magazine the absolute sound.


AV Showrooms “T.H.E. Audio Show Newport Beach – Best Designed Room”

MBL wins “Best Designed Room” award from


MBL Press Coverage “T.H.E. Audio Show Newport Beach 2012″

Learn more about MBL at the T.H.E Show Newport Beach 2012.

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The Absolute Sound “Reissue of January/2009: MBL’s X-treme! speaker”

Jonathan Valin, editor of the hifi trade magazine ‘The Absolute Sound’ reports about the mbl 101 X-treme in issue 189 of January 2009. The Radialstrahler from the Reference Line not only is “Product of the Year” but also was the top choice for the ‘Editors Choice Awards’ several times.

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MBL Press Coverage “HIGH END Munich 2012″

Learn more about the 2012 High End show in Munich.

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Press Coverage “New York Audio & AV Show 2012″

Learn more about MBL at 2012 New York Audio & AV Show.

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STEREOPHILE “mbl 101 E MKII – A class of its own”

In a class of its own – MBL’s Omnidirectional 101 E MKII speaker : The cover of the current Stereophile issue 4/2012 shines with the mbl 101 E MKII. Michael Fremer reports on 7 Pages in detail about the omnidirectional speaker from the Reference Line.



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MBL Press Coverage “SALON SON & IMAGE Montréal”

We have summarized the highlights on MBL of this year’s SALON SON & IMAGE (SSI 2012) in the following press coverage

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2012_SISBestSound_MagazineAudio “Best Sound of the SSI 2012″

The Franco-Canadian magazine “” awards MBL with it’s “Best Sound of the SSI 2012″ award.


MBL Press Coverage “2012 AXPONA”

We have summarized the highlights on MBL of this year’s AXPONA (Jacksonville) in the following press coverage.

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AV Showrooms “AXPONA – Best Sound of the Show Award 2012″

MBL wins “Best Sound of Show” award from

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MBL Event in Prague