The Absolute Sound “MBL 126 – Small Footprint, Big Statement”


Neil Gader, Redakteur des US-Magazins The Absolute Sound, testet den Radialstrahler 126 in der aktuellen Ausgabe.

“Sonically, you enter a whole new world when you light up the MBL 126—or any Radialstrahler, for that matter…At trade shows I’ve watched enthusiasts enter MBL exhibits with a hushed solemnity and walk away glowing, as if they’d undergone a spiritual experience…no one should mistake its whimsical, droid-like appearance for anything other than an audiophile loudspeaker of the most serious sonic intentions and pedigree…in terms of imaging, as cliché as this sounds, 126 flat out disappears from the room, kind of like, well, poof…Though MBL’s 126 is designed for the parlor rather than the palace, it’s as good as anything this esteemed company has ever made. In spite of its humble size, it is truly a statement loudspeaker of the first order. If you consider yourself a thoughtful audiophile and are preparing to take the plunge into this price range, don’t even consider making a move until you’ve auditioned the MBL 126. It is must listening.”

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