Noble Line Firmware-Update

Here you can find the information about the latest Noble Line Software Update, with the download link and update procedure for the Nobel Line devices.

Latest Version: Release No. 11 (November 6, 2019)
The software is suitable for all MBL Noble Line devices and can be installed without any concerns.

The following improvments have been realised with these updates:

  • Support of the MBL Roon Module
  • “Low Battery” status is now shown in the device display in the event that the batteries of the Noble Line system remote control become weak
  • The option button of the Noble Line system remote control can now be configured via the device menus so that the digital filters of the N31 can be selected via remote control
  • Possibility of displaying the current assignment of the option button from the Noble Line system remote control in the device display
  • Optimization of the track display in CD mode
  • Input switching on the N15 via RC5 code, possibility of using the additional MBL input for third-party devices or through automation systems
  • Targeted switching in STANDBY or ON via RC5 code (instead of just toggle), simplification for automation systems
  • Display of special Latin characters on the N31 for CD-Text and Roon title displays
  • The factory reset is triggered via the standby button after just 14 seconds of pressing and holding (previously 20s)
  • Optimization of the display behavior with a minimum dimming level (completely switching off the display and, if necessary, only displaying the control elements)
  • If the devices in the chain are connected via SmartLink and a preamplifier or integrated amplifier controls all inputs in the chain, then the inputs on the N31 CD-DAC can only be selected on the N11 or N51
  • The “Set device as IR receiver” item is only available in the menu if additional devices are connected via SmartLink
  • The “Unity Gain” soft key is no longer displayed when the “Bypass” input is selected
  • Fixed an issue where the volume potentiometer on the N11 randomly performed unnecessary automatic calibrations
  • Fixed the issue where the volume display jumped to “00″ in some cases, although this did not correspond to the position of the volume potentiometer

For the installation of these Softwareversion please follow the update procedure.

The Software Version ia avalable as Download here: Noble Line Release 11