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The NOBLE LINE – uncompromising perfection for connoisseurs

Our company philosophy was founded on the principle of capturing and sharing the intense emotional experience created by the art of music. Just as a musical passage can be exquisite in its subtlety, or exhilarating as it thunders towards a crescendo, achieving a live sound as though the musicians were performing on stage inside your living room has been our driving force since 1979.

The Noble Line products offers the latest innovation in electronics coming from the MBL research lab, known for its sweet spot in engineering between traditional expertise and cutting-edge techniques. Designing the Noble Line allowed us to draw together a wealth of state-of-the-art technology such as with our 2nd generation Linear Analog Switching Amplification, the Unity Gain feature on our pre-amplifiers, or the Intersample Overload Protection in our DAC. Innovation, craftsmanship and know-how is not only important, but we find the outward appearance of our new series of products to be both elegant and tasteful, reflecting the inner quality and capability of each device.

So please have a look at our new Noble Line, touch its controls and surfaces, study it from all sides, absorb what it has to offer.

But above all, listen to it.

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With close to 40 years of experience at creating world-class audio electronics and loudspeakers, our newest range of products, the Noble Line, adheres to the definition of “Made in Germany” in the truest sense. Each component is hand-built to the strictest of specifications in MBL’s own facilities near Berlin.

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