MBL and Roon

MBL & Roon

At this year’s High-End Show in Munich, MBL announced that it was developing a Roon module for its own CD-DACs and D/A converters. The MBL Roon Module can be connected to the local network via the built-in Ethernet interface and turns the CD-DAC or D/A converter into a full-fledged and high-quality Roon Ready network player.

The module will be available later this year 2018 as an option for the Noble Line CD-DAC N31 and the Reference Line D/A converter 1611F. Older devices can be upgraded. For the Corona Line CD-DAC C31 the module will be available at the end of 2018 too.

Roon Modul

The Roon system

Roon is a software that connects various home hi-fi devices to your own music library via the existing LAN and provides the user with comprehensive and easy-to-use management software.

Technically, a specially developed transmission protocol called RAAT (Roon Advanced Audio Transport) is used, which is far superior to conventional protocols such as DLNA / UPNP in terms of stability and functionality. The quality of the transmitted music signal meets the highest high-end requirements.

When managing the music library, Roon accesses a huge database of meta-information and provides the music lover with extensive background information on every piece of music and artist. Even the tagging of already stored pieces of music is done with high accuracy and extensive meta-information. In addition, Roon also integrates the TIDAL streaming service in addition to the existing music in the local network.

Roon Schema

To use Roon, you need a Roon Core, the Roon Control software,more or more players and a paid Roon membership license.

The Roon Core software is very easily and conveniently installed on a NAS or other existing server in the home. Alternatively, a ready-configured and ready-to-use Roon Core server can be purchased. The control software runs on any PC / Mac, tablet or smartphone and is the visual control center for the user. All software can be downloaded free of charge from the Roon website.

The players are the connection between the Roon Core and the hi-fi system. By incorporating the MBL Roon Module into a CD-DAC or D/A converter, it becomes a Roon Player to which the Core sends the music signal. However, the user does not have to worry about all this. With the control software he has everything in hand and can make the control and operation very easy and comfortable.

More information about Roon: www.roonlabs.com